Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Christian Faith

Title: The Christian Faith
Subtitle: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings
Author: Reid A. Ashbaucher
Genre: Christian - Non-Fiction

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings is a non-fiction Christian book written by Reid A. Ashbaucher. The author has served as a deacon, pulpit supply and a religious teacher, and he's obtained degrees in Comprehensive Bible and Christian Theology. In his introduction, the author indicates that his intended audience will be Christians who are new to their practice, those considering Christianity as an answer to their questions about life, and anyone else who is interested in gaining a more complete understanding of the Christian faith. Ashbaucher presents a scholarly introduction to the Bible, starting with a description of its beginnings in 1446 B.C. and continuation until 96 A.D. He discusses which books were considered to be divinely inspired and the differences in approach between the Roman Catholic church and the Protestant sects over what would be included in their Holy Scriptures. From there, he introduces the Gospel, Historical Teaching, the Canon, Inter-workings of the church and a more intensive look at the Book of Romans. He includes a study guide and extensive end notes which give links and sites for further reading.

Reid A. Ashbaucher's The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-Workings is a fascinating and well-presented look at the Bible and Christianity. The author presents his work in an orderly and scholarly fashion which at no time felt like he was attempting to proselytize or convince his readers to embrace his religious beliefs. His introduction to the Bible and its development over the centuries smoothly and seamlessly gave way to the most cohesive and comprehensive introduction to the Bible that I've encountered. I was especially interested in his take on Scriptural Philosophy and found his discussions of those different theological viewpoints to be most helpful in understanding what had hitherto been a confusing and misunderstood subject. I finished this book feeling more knowledgeable about the Bible in particular and Christianity in general. The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter- Workings is most highly recommended.

Review opinion 1 to 5: Five Stars

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